Darton DS-700 Compound Bow Package Vista Camo 50-60lb LH

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If you want a short, fast, quiet bow to use in your blind or treestand the DS-700 Compound Bow 50-60lb left hand, is your bow. Powered by the next version of the dualsync cam with an adjustable module system that allows adjustments from 27"-30" of draw length, SD 24"-28", in 1/2" increments. The 700 cam also features a stabilization system that eliminates cam lean. As soon as you pick up a 700, you will notice right away it shares many of the features and attributes of other Darton Dualsync bows: fast, quiet, and smooth draw cycle, you will know you are shooting a winner. The 30" axle to axle will make this your "go to" bow when hunting and space are mentioned in the same sentence. You will find very few bows with the pricing, performance and features offered by the 700.

Vista Camo compound bow pkg 50-60lb left hand
Package comes with 4 arrow quiver, sight and capture type rest
Weight: 4 lbs. - draw length 27"-30"
Brace height 7" - axle to axle 30"
Adjustable mod system 27 - 30" draw in 1/2" increments
330-335 FPS IBO